Our shared path to greater

diversity, equity, and inclusion

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What is

Journey for Teams?

JOURNEY FOR TEAMS provides a pathway for veterinary professionals to deepen knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and foster the advancement of DEI in veterinary workplaces. To support this purpose, Journey for Teams provides ongoing practical, actionable, and impactful resources and educational modules—all designed with busy veterinary workplaces in mind!




Journey for Teams?

There are many reasons to deepen your understanding of DEI that range from personal to professional. Watch the Reasons video to see why your peers think diversity, equity, and inclusion are important for the veterinary profession.

How To Get Started

Follow these 4 steps to learn about JOURNEY FOR TEAMS.


Watch the Welcome Webinar

Welcome Webinar

This 15-minute video is the best place to start on your JOURNEY FOR TEAMS. It introduces you to all of the program elements and how they work together to enrich DEI knowledge in your workplace.


Understand the role of the Navigator

For Navigators

JOURNEY FOR TEAMS works best for groups when a workplace advocate – a NAVIGATOR – is committed to downloading content, organizing meetings, and facilitating discussion.

If you are passionate about DEI and want to make a valuable contribution to your workplace, the navigator role may be just the thing for you.


Review Journey for Teams Educational Modules

Educational Modules

JOURNEY FOR TEAMS educational modules explore various DEI topics and are designed with busy veterinary workplaces in mind. A DEI champion presents each module with a short video and written tools to help facilitate team discussion. The activities in the modules are brief, and the discussion focuses on identifying one or more behavior changes the group agrees to make (or an individual can make) that furthers their commitment to DEI.

Each module can be covered in a 15-minute meeting. If the team wants to learn more about certain DEI topics, resources are listed to encourage self-learning and additional discussion.


Celebrate Success!
Each step is a part of the journey

Congratulate yourselves on taking the first step, which is often the most difficult. Recognize that the journey is just as important as the destination!

Thank You Partners!

Collaborating Partners

Educational Partners


Educational Partners