Our shared path to greater

diversity, equity, and inclusion

A diverse veterinary medical team standing as a group outside of an animal hospital

Journey for Teams

Educational Modules

15-minute interactive experiences allow teams to explore, discuss and better understand DEI topics.

Take your journey one topic at a time

Journey for Teams will engage teams and individuals with focused information and inspire curiosity, reflection, and respectful dialogue. Each 15-minute module is a step in a journey that can change the way you and your team interact with your clients, patients, community and each other, for the better!

Each module consists of a video to watch with your team, a discussion guide to capture ideas and action items, and a resource of tips to help Navigators facilitate the meeting. You will also find a link to download an excerpt from the Journey for Teams Guide where you can read more and find a list of resources to deepen your knowledge on this topic.

Journey for Teams

Educational Modules

Coming December 1, 2022

The Power of Diversity

Latonia Craig, Ed.D.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are core values that help shape, define and enrich a successful organization. Diversity asks the question, “who is in the room?” Equity responds with “who is trying to get in the room and can’t?” Inclusion asks, “is this environment safe for everyone who wants to be in the room to feel like they belong?” Diversity makes us stronger. Equity makes us better, and inclusion builds community.

This module takes a bird’s eye view of the Power of DEI.

Coming Soon

Unconscious Bias

Naomi Nishi, Ph.D.

Coming Soon

Psychological Safety

Jen Brandt, Ph.D.

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